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Plan #1

We’ve been planning for a family outing with hubby’s relatives in tow but we hardly had a time to do it. I guess when we want it, someone’s not available or the place is reserved. But now that its summer and most of them is free aside from those who are working, we plan ahead. And we asked someone to do some things for us like getting a bigger van and reserving the private pool for us.

I tried to list down all we need to buy and bring and mind you, that gave me a head ache :) Aside from being costly, I think we will have a problem on who can go and can’t go with us. Well, that’s one problem when you have a big family but hubby said we can fix that so everybody could join and enjoy.

Having this outing is one plan we wish to fulfil this year. It’s been ages ago since we last had our family time together and we hope we can push through with this one.

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