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Since we transferred to our new home in South area, my sister often received mails from different company offering their services and or giving out discounts to their products.  She’s worried on why this can happened when she don’t even remember giving out her address or personal information to the mail sender.  We told her that she’s getting rich now that’s why so many companies are interested in getting her attention to their products.  But it can be annoying since she’s more worried on what is the extent of her personal information that these unwanted mails has, it just keep on coming and though she’s ignoring it, they even sent mails for a follow up!

She wanted to know and find out how to reduce these mails and to Stop Junk Mail from arriving on our mailbox. She even called to her credit card company and told them not to give away her information just in case they have a tie up company that offers different services or products.  My mother usually rejected mails and return it to the mailman if my sister told her that she don’t know the sender.  That’s her only way to stop those unwanted mails.  I just advised her to be very careful in divulging her personal information to anyone.  I hope she can find ways to end it.

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