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School Opening

Classes will soon start and I can see that people rush to the mall to buy school things for their children.  My niece asked me if I can buy her school things since she’s now a high school freshman and her things are way too different now compares when she’s still in elementary.  I told her I can buy her school things after payday and she’s excited about it she counts the remaining days left before my payday.


But school things are not that big problem compares to the high tuition fees this school year.  A colleague of mine in the office is having a problem on how he can cope up with their tight budget.  He wants to get a loan but he’s not sure about it.  He asked about the credit score range details and wants to try it since he wants a loan to help him pay his kids tuition fees and school things. Classes will begin next month and he wants to avoid last minute shopping and besides, his kids are waiting for it.  I said that getting your credit score will help him in most ways and will help him decide.  He can only hope for the best. 


As for the students, this is another year of books and experience for them.

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