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♥ 11th Month! ♥

Nathan turns 11 months today and my heart swells with gladness to see my baby growing fast, handsome and happy. I asked my sister to come with me in SM Sucat to buy the cake for Nathan and we should hurry home before Nathan fell asleep. Nate changes his sleeping schedule and we need to celebrate before the night ends.

Our baby can stand and walk now with some guide but we let him roam around the living room with the sofa set, his crib and his toy car as his guide and he loves it. So when I let him pose for the picture and saw he can stand in front of the sofa chair, I feel so proud just by looking at him like that. And what a boy, he now knows to make face and I captured every angle of it. Next month will be his first and we are so excited for our baby.

Happy 11th month Carl Nathan! ♥

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