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Road Trip

My cousin was so ecstatic when she called us last night that her dad gave her a car as a graduation gift.  She said her parents are so proud that she graduated with honors and she joke about giving her a prize and when asked about it, she replied that she wanted a car this time.  And true to their promise, they gave the key to her brand new car when she came home from her friend house just the other day.


Now, only thing she needed to do is to have her driver’s license.  And she needed to pass all the requirements so she can ride her car any where she wanted to go.  To be able to get her drivers license, she needed to pass her driving written test.  I told her to choose the easiest way because she’s so eager to drive around and she already planned their road trip across the states.  I’m so happy for her, having your own car is a dream come true to every body.  But she got it because she deserves it for studying hard and now it paid off. 

I can’t wait to drive with her when we visit them next year!

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