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It’s Friday again and yes, the date is 11.11.11.  I’ve read on some news that most of the couple got married today because of this extraordinary date.  But most of us can’t notice the date until you’ve realize that it was indeed rare. But the majority  even bother unless something unusual happens.


I just finished decorating our living room for Christmas and I need few more things to buy for the wall decors and this weekend will be one of the busiest weekends for us.  Nathan will have his 2nd pneumo vaccine tomorrow and we will attend the birthday dinner party of my godchild.  On Sunday, we’ll go to church at Greenbelt and of course, stroll around the area. Hubby wanted me to list down the names  of our godchildren, family and relatives so we won’t me missing someone on the gift giving day.  So I guess I have to start buying gifts as early as today though I already bought few last month.


I heard some not so nice news from my family but I needed to stay on focus.  I lay it all down to God so He’ll give me strength to be strong and tough and look on the brighter and positive side of life.  I have all the reasons to be thankful to Him.


Happy Weekend, blogging friends! ♥

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