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Green turns Red

It’s Friday again and our company just announced that our 13th month salary will be credited to our account today.  I can say that it is such a blessing because I needed to buy new Christmas decorations.  I checked on our old decors and I told hubby it’s been years that were still using some of them and he said maybe we can change the color motif to red.  But the problem is most of our Christmas decors are green even the Santa’s socks and wall decors.  I don’t have to throw it away because it’s a waste of money but I have to be more creative so I can still use them.


I was worried on our Christmas tree. Nathan will surely give me a big fight so he can pull the decorations off the tree.  He can now walk with balance around the house and I will have to think wisely so he will have no chance to get near the tree. My in-law suggest not to assemble the tree but our living room brightens just by looking at it so we must plan where to place it out of Nathan’s reach and for his own safety too. 


We will have another long weekend and I can’t wait to play and have fun with our baby.


Happy Weekend, blogging friends! 

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