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Country Road

I hesitated at first to agree when hubby said he has this plan of going to his father’s province to visit the cemetery of his late aunt.  It her birthday tomorrow and he keeps on saying about it over and over again as if asking my approval.  He owes a lot to his late Aunt who’s the older sister of his father.  He is her favorite among her nieces and nephews and she believes on what my hubby and she’s been his silent supporter all though out.  I cannot take the gratitude and respect my hubby wants to give to his aunt by saying no to his plan.  So with his new car and with baby Nathan in tow, we will push through with the earlier plans and we’ll all go to Pampanga as early as 530am because his plate number ends with the number coding scheme that falls on Friday so we have to leave the metro road before 7am or else a violation will be serve.


I think my eldest sister, my Mom and his Mom will come too and it will be their first long road trip after more than a year.  I already inform my superior that I will be on leave tomorrow and I hope I still have enough vacation leave to use next month.


Come to think of it, I’m feeling excited for tomorrow’s trip.  Oh, well :)

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