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New Car

My hubby and my sister had one thing in common, they both like cars.  Sometimes they will check on some sites for some latest models and prices.  They even bought magazine just to look on some gorgeous featured cars and dream that one day they will have their own too.  I can only smile on their comparisons between cars and other stuffs and they even plan to buy one someday.


But I think my hubby’s wish will now come true when their company decided to give him a car after he was promoted last month.  He happily alerted us the good news and was very excited about it.  They check on some auto blog just to compare models and they can’t seem to get over with the good news.


I told them to try and check auto transport site to know the transport rates if their company wished to have the car ship to them. If it happens, that makes him the luckiest guy to have his new car in less than a year being in their company.  Well, I just cross my fingers and I hope our plan of the road trip out of town this holiday will come true.

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