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Merry Go Round

We were so amazed on how strong and fearful Nathan is. Sometimes I wonder will he be like that when he grows old but it really depends to us who will be looking and guiding him all though out.  The only thing he won’t try is to walk unattended but I know he can walk already if he wants to.  We sometimes see him stand alone but when he becomes aware that he’ll be walking alone, he’ll sit and just crawl.  

But once you let him walk with you holding his other hand, you’ll be surprised on how strong, fast and almost running he can be. He can ride the horse ride in Tom’s World without holding him and even the merry-go-ride in Mall of Asia.  My sister will just stand beside him just in case but he cling to the handle so strong he can even wave his other hand to us.  We are so proud of him.  He loves going out like his Dad and my Mom and I hope he will not include Toy Kingdom as his favorite place in the mall (ha-ha!). 

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