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Bigger Dreams

My Uncle Rene is business minded person. Sometimes when he had a time to visits Dad and Mom in our family house, I always wanted to talk to him because he shares some valuable lessons in life. He wishes he can be like him in the near future and I must say he’s quite confident now than ever before. His family is now living comfortably thanks to my Uncle’s ability in trading business. He shares what he learns and he never forgets to remind us that we don’t need large amount of capital to start in this kind of business.

I received a call last weekend from him and we talk about our families, my work, his business and he said if I’m really interested, he can share something about Tim sykes reviews. Well, my Uncle gives me this inspirations that maybe I can venture in other types of business aside from being employed through my entire career. He used to be a loyal employee before but he think that I is not enough for his family to live the way he wanted so he follow his instinct and now he is so successful.

I just wish I can be like him someday.

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