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When I saw this familiar sandwich snack at the office cafeteria, I thought wow, I haven’t made this delicious snack for years and the urged to be able to cook again the Maki sandwich or sometimes called Monte Cristo is great that I told hubby I should shop for its ingredients over the phone, and he said, “it’s nice to hear that, let’s go!”

Well, maybe one thing that stops me from doing it more often is because it’s not that easy to cook. You have to very patient in making this kind of snack and you have to stay longer in front of your stove because it will burn the eggs coat in the sandwich if left out for even a minute. But the results will always be phenomenal because it is delicious and tasty and full that hubby can’t stop praising me about it. He made me cook lumpiang togue that day and I wanted to do my maki sandwich so the results were quite exhausted me.

I told you before that just by looking at their satisfied faces is enough for me. But just like cooking lasagna, cooking Maki sandwich will happen again if I have plenty of time but not in the next few months.

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