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Distant friend

My best friend decided to migrate and work in the US and left last year.  I really felt so sad because I will be missing her so badly.  She’s been my friend and like my sister since high school and even when we have our own family now we often meet during our free time and talk about our family life and acquaintances and our plans for the future.  I know living abroad is not that easy but just like me, my best friend is a strong willed woman and I believe in her.

But even we’re miles away from each other, distance is never an issue.  But last night is quite different, we talked quite seriously and she said she needs to concentrate on something, her taxes.  I think that it the first time she ever discussed it to me.  She’s afraid to pay the penalties and she shouldn’t take it lightly because some of her office mates made some mistakes and nearly suffer the consequences.  Good thing their boss taught them about irs extension form 2011 and they still have plenty of time to file their dues.

I can see that she's adjustting well in her new life now and she's getting used to it. When I joke her about it she answered, "I know, one step at a time".

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