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Half the Price

I wonder why that when we’re about to redeem my voucher at Yoshinoya’s in Mall of Asia they have a written notice beside their counter that they decided not to accommodate the vouchers from cleverbuy.com because of some internal issues. I said to hubby, uh! Uh! This is not good! So we ate at Tokyo Tokyo instead and forget the delicious jumbo platter I purchased in Yoshinoya. Today, I dialed their office number and guess what, the phone is busy. I dialed again… still busy. And I thought, well I think there is something fishy going out with this company.

And then I saw the news in TV that customers who purchased big amount of vouchers in cleverbuy like trips in Boracay, Palawan and also overseas like Hongkong and Cambodia stormed in their office and demanding a refund were all greeted with a closed door. And I said, I was robbed with a P250 ($6) off my PayPal account and it saddens me that it happens to thousands of us who trusted their company. I purchased vouchers from them before and I used that within the validity period so I guess they are some mismanagement on their part. But anyways, lessons learned and I hope they can still make up with their lapses and I can still use the voucher (well, I’m wishing for a miracle) someday.

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