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Free Drive

I’m really enjoying my driving lessons with hubby.  I sweet talk him that he needs to be very patient with me or I will enrol in driving school because he tends to be very nervous with the way I handle the wheel.  I know we have different approach while driving, he’s so cautious and alert and concentrated and I am more relax, carefree and fast.  He said I need to be very careful because it is not that easy and I replied that I will think about it because for now, having my own time behind the wheel is just perfect.

With my current ways in driving, he said he might consider the free insurance quotes he received from his friend last week.  We will talk about it because we should be weighing in the pros and cons and our family budget, too.  We are also helping my niece to her college expenses and hubby said I shouldn’t worry much because his friend will give free finance tips to help us in our finances and I hope we can really push through with my niece college insurance.  I really wanted to help her finish her college because that is our ultimate dream for her.  We will have to keep our fingers crossed.

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