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Newest Hype

I noticed that the twitter world used to mention about Fifty Shades, and I knew then that it’s the newest controversial books that started as a fanfic story derived from Twilight books.  So I asked my office mate to get me an e-book copy and now my friends are all into the love stories of Christian Grey and Ana Steele.  It becomes viral and now Hollywood are planning to have a movie with this best seller books because people can’t stop talking about it.

Controversial because it is for adults only books but despite of the vulgar words, you will know that it has this story depicting the inner struggles and dark past of a wealthy man who fall in love with a ordinary college graduate woman.  The love story amazed me and I’m glad that it has happy ending. 

My hubby can only shake his head because here I go again, digging my thoughts and eyes on a book but I realized, it’s so been so long that I haven’t got into reading again.  I’m so glad that I’m back on the track again.  My friends until now are asking for my copies and I’m happy to share it with them and talked about the story on chat and on the phone.  One thing for sure, I will wait for the movie adaptation of the books and I will be the first to fall in line.

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