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Next Big Step

My cousin phoned me last night about how ecstatic she was on her plans to take a graduate course this school year.  She said she always dreamed of it almost every day because it will be her stepping stone for much bigger changes on her career.  I said I already know that through her mother, my Aunt when she had her vacation her in our place last month and we are all happy with all her achievements despite being on a working student status for quite sometimes.  

But she said she needed some time to prepare for the big thing and she said her friends recommends gmat prep and because she wanted to make sure she is on the right track.  I told her to take her time and focus because I wanted her to be ready when it started. 

She assures me that she’s also thinking on trying the Veritas Prep because of the good reviews and I told her to try everything that will help her reach her dreams.  I know she will make it big because she’s one of the best cousins I ever had.  Understanding, helpful, patient and loves her family so much.  I always pray for her success and I hope it will all come true.

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