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Magical Weekend

Despite hubby’s pain in his right knee and baby Nathan’s colds, we decided to join our company’s first family day in Enchanted Kingdom last weekend.  Good thing, my niece Reine, joined us to help me with Nathan since hubby can’t carry him that long because of his injury. 

All is well in the bus and Nathan happily greeted my officemates and their family and make friends with their kids as well.  Until we reached the place and the moment we stepped down the bus, it was so hot! I said to myself, oh uh, this is not going to be fun because most of rides are situated out door.  I tried hard to make Nathan feel comfortable because I wake him up early and I worried that he’ll throw his tantrums anytime soon.



We tried to ride most of the available rides and some of it was just for kids and I thought the time was so limited because we spent our time cooling ourselves in the air conditioned restaurant we saw along the way.  But it was nice to see my officemates with their family and meeting them along the way.  The games were expensive and we end up having just 2 small stuffed toys as prizes.  Hubby promised Reine to go there in weekdays so we can enjoy all we want.  Nate surprisingly enjoyed his first trip to Enchanted Kingdom and he slept in the bus on the way home.

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