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This is the day when most of the couple rushed to get married in church or civil wise.  Or a pregnant woman due this December wanted to have her child on this day.  I sometimes don’t get the idea of the date hype but maybe they wanted to have the rare date written on their contracts.   And frankly speaking, it sounds good too. 

It may not be a big deal for me but I wish for a different December this year.  I wish to look for a better apartment to live with and eventually, have our own house next year.  I wish for my family’s health especially to my hubby who has a troubling knee injury.  I wish for my sister and my Mom’s food business to prosper.  I wish for my brother’s clean slate beginnings next year and his twins to be at good health always.  I wish for my nephew’s well-being and hope that he’s having a good life.  I wish for my baby Nate’s good health and he grew up happy and may all he have all the love in the world. 

I have a long list this year.  I can only wish it all come true.  So help me God. 

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