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Yuletide Gifts

Its Yuletide season again and the words of 13th month pay and bonuses sounds good to hear everywhere you go. Malls on sale and big discounts are waving right in front of your face.  My family just finished decorating the whole house and the Christmas tree is proudly standing in the corner of our living room, it feels so great knowing we will be celebrating holiday’s altogether.   My sister and I are planning for the menu to cook but we still have to prepare for her birthday on the 16th of December.  She doesn’t want to celebrate it but we said you will have to spend it once a year so why should she worry on the expenses.

But one thing I am thinking of is what to give hubby this year.  I have a hard time looking for one thing he will like best and my best friend suddenly became my saving angel when she suggested giving my hubby retro glasses as she did to her husband the other year.  I immediately checked on my hubby’s glasses and I knew I have to give him a new one this year.  I can  focus on other plans now that I already put another check mark on my to-do lists.

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