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A Merry Date

Despite the numerous cancellations of venue reservations, moved dates, change of plans and stressful preparations, we were able to have a free time for everyone.  Though we have to endure all the hardships of peak hours and traffic, we celebrated our much awaited and mostly anticipated Christmas party with Joj, Jai and Alec.  And it’s all worth it. When I saw Alec entered the room, I had a moment that the room started to light up.  He greeted us with a smile and a big bear hug and the sweetest kiss ever.  We never wasted any single moment and we take pictures and pose for pictures with him.  When the twins came, they brighten the room even more.  

We sing, we played games, we eat our hearts out, we talked about some news about them, and we teased our favourite teen love team.  And we continue talking amidst of all the giggling and screaming fans of them in the busy Mall of Asia; we were able to share some stories though our Starbucks coffee.  When Alec left our group and the twins strolled around and did some shopping I knew our time is over and we to call it a day.  It’s almost midnight but my thoughts are with them and it made me smile.  They are the best PBB housemates I ever supported; I will never regret any single moment I spend with them.  And wish I can see them again, very soon.

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