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New Look

Every last month of the year, my family always wanted to have something new to our family house to start a new year with what they called good vibes.  But the truth is it is my sister who wanted to change her furniture and fixtures and have a new look in her living room.  She even wanted to change her son’s bed to make it spacious.  My nephew’s things and toys are increasing every year, he needed a lot of space to make it comfortable for him.

My father is requesting to have a leather recliner chairs since he’s been using his recliner for so many years now.  My brother is kind enough to offer to buy it for our brother and his early Christmas gift.  My cousin offered her wholesale furniture brokers coupons to we can have big savings if we wanted to buy more for our house.  It’s very convenient for us since we all love to have new furniture and the fact that my brother will shouldered some of the expenses.

Above all these, I’m quite happy with my siblings team work to make it happen.  After all, we can all do this if we just work hand in hand.  

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