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A New Year's Wish

The year is almost up.  And were about to begin the Year of the Faith (for Catholics) and Year of the Water Snake (for Chinese).  But my only wish and pray for this coming year 2013 are for my family to remain strong and bonded together.  Whatever challenges and pressures in our lives, we will always be there for each other just like we were before.  For my family to stay healthy and keeping the faith and thinking the positive side of life and that may all hardships will bring us closer to one another instead of keeping us apart. 

I have met the coolest people this year courtesy of the 3 coolest ex-housemates in PBB house.  I will always all the fun and laughers and challenges we had and making our group the coolest group in town.  I still have some communications with my friends in high school and even college and my other groups from the previous season of PBB.  I will be forever grateful for the trust and happiness they have given me.  I still have a strong team at work and though was facing another challenges company wide, I hope our team/project will remain intact and strong for more years.

I can only wish that our Good Lord bless my family that He may guide us to the right path and to withstand all the challenges we encounter.  I feel so blessed having my hubby, my baby Nate, my hubby’s family and relatives and my family around.  I hope for the best this year.  And I wish you all, my dear readers, my blogger friends, my friends who stay with me all these years.   

I wish you all a happy New Year and may God bless us all!  

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