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My sister meets with our family friend yesterday in a place near our office.  And then she called me minutes before I logged out from my computer that she has a surprise for me.  I became excited hearing this news because I badly needed some good news in my life right now. Ha-ha! And then when I saw her standing right in front of Shop Wise supermarket, I saw this huge basket of goodies and I asked her if that is mine.  But she told me the basket is for our Mom and I fake a sad face and told her I thought she said the good news is for me.  She smiled and replied that I can ask Mom to give some of the goodies in the basket and I laughed by giving me an idea before my other sister can sweet talk Mom to give some of the items.
The basket of goodies looks yummy but I only get one Dak chopped ham and the red wine.  My Mom is lucky this month and she’s sharing her blessings with us.  An early Christmas treat.

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