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Happy Birthday Vince!


Happy 6th Birthday!.. With the whole familys guidance and wishes that you'll be in good health always, that you grow with Papa Jesus, and a sweet handsome boy that we love... I know being 6 year of age is not that easy, you almost knew everything under the sun.. you asked questions that you followed by asking why, why and why.... i almost lost for words and asked your mommy to answer them for me........i've seen you in your bad moods, showing tantrums and crying your heart out until you were reminded and reprimanded ....and then settled for what was right and best for you. You love your toys so much but you know you mom teach you to value your education more than playing. I believe you can be a good singer and dancer as i've seen you in your school plays. And you make good in your Science subject too by showing us your champion certificate in one of quiz bee you joined in. You have a good sense of humor, in which you acquired from your lolo Peping, leaving us all laughing.... and you just love to make faces during serious picture taking... but when i'll tell you that i will put it in the internet... you flash those cutie smile and pose like what they called, Piolo pose....

Most of all, you know how much we love you and we want the best of you... Though you might not understand why we keep on telling you to be good and nice, and as we watch you grow, you will know that we are right after all.

Have a blessed birthday, Vince Amiel!

4 year old Vince

I am the CHampion! Science Quiz Bee

@ tagaytay 1/01/08

his wacky poses

and strike ala-Piolo pose =)

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