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Vince Birthday

Uhum.... though so slow in connection, i find time to open my hubbys laptop to blog. I'm here in our room (in Laguna), and they are all outside in the garden,drinking.... gilbeys gin.

It was a fun celebrating Vince birthday. Earlier, i need to wake up too early (6am!) so we can choose better meat and seafoods at the wet market. Gosh, prices rise up to heavens rate that i needed to add my own money to the money my sis gave to me. And to think, im a cheap buyer ha!

After wet market,we went to do some groceries at Puregold, back to the market to buy beef to roast. And then stop over to Goldilocks for the cake. And then the cooking begins.......

My aunt and her whole family came by and they left after dinner. I suddenly felt that i was to tired working at the kitchen all day and my body aches and i really needed to rest. Thats why im here blogging... hehehe..But im too satisfied.... my menu for today was a big success..they simply love it!

heres some of the pics i took earlier...

L-R, Mico, Vince, Reine and my cute little niece, Francine

Vince opening his gifts...

Happy Birthday, Vince! till the 29th of April =)

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