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Moment of Truth

All of us in our house are more stressful than ever. My father in-law is sick again and he's really losing hope that he can ever recover again. His health is slowly deteriorating and it pains to see that he suffers a lot due to his arthritis despite of taking his complete medicines. I can see how he wants to move but the more he inch his way from every side the more he cried from pain.

The last weekend I anticipated to relax and to have fun never happens. We stay all day at home to take care of Tatay and while my hubby stay mostly on his side, I do my part in the kitchen. It's the least I can do for I can't help in assisting Tatay in lying down and then getting up to sit, all that for 24 hrs. Everyone works in shifts now that Tatay can barely sleep and eat even the doctors prescribed some sleeping pills to aid him.

When I talked to hubby last night, I told him to be strong for what may happen. His father are now talking in riddles and he's mind seems out of the scene. Hubby let Nanay sleep for a few hours and I was awaken to see that hubby sleeping on far side of the bed. He must be really tired that he barely make it on our bed to rest.

I hope and pray to God. Anything has its purpose.

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