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Some Family Time

I'm going to Laguna tonight. I need to prepare for the outing my hubby sets with his team. Their so called relaxation time and a time off from office with their respective families. I must admit, i sometimes felt strange on how demanding my hubby's work to the extend that I sometimes asked him what he is really doing. During their family day in Subic year ago, I've got a chance to talked to some of the wives and we had one thing to clamor to our hubby's. Their family time.

Now I know how to handle that pressure. I advise him to work on his time management so he can have both worlds. And I can see that it works, he's time is flexible but he sees to it now that he went to work early so he can go home early at night too. And he still have time to relax and we can still watched movies during weekdays.

They will be bringing with them their children. That must be fun. Vince will surely be happy that he will have playmates again.

Happy weekend to all!

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