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Past Happenings

As expected, I'm down with trucks of loads after my leave of absence yesterday. Our pldtweroam was having problem with the signals at home and the result? I can't blog.

So what happened to me last weekend?


1. My family visited me at home. They stopped by at lunch and I had a time to bond on my pamangkins though they spent so much time at our room playing warcraft.
2. We went to MOA that afternoon and my hubby (I called him a certified shopaholic now) decided to bought a comforter set since it's clearance sale at almost all SM branches.
3. We ate at Mann Hann, one of our favorite restaurant in MOA, i ordered spicy spareribs, yang chow rice and ube cheese cake.
4. At last, after strolling around... It's time to watch Batman, since the showing time we choose was 8:50pm-11:50pm, we have no choice but to get our things in the baggage counter since malling hours is only till 10pm. And we carry the comforter inside the cinema =) eiww!


We stayed at home. Its searing hot in our room, almost unbearable. The weather these days are really unpredictable. But i still managed to sleep that afternoon when I cool down after I take a bath. When i wake up, hubby told me we stroll at SM Sucat, see, he is really restless staying home. I took the opportunity to buy lots of small sale items for our kitchen, ref cover, small hot and cold thermos, kitchen knife, ref holder, bowls and some glasses.

Well, I'm happy we bonded almost every weekend now. But another out of the line expenses.

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