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photos courtesy of PAGCOR website

My hubby reminded me before i left home yesterday that one of his officemates has a complimentary tickets to the show of Wanders. I got excited that at last I can watch it now for free. We live just near the Casino Filipino in Paranaque but the problem is I am working in Libis. But he said the show will start at 8pm and i can still catch up. But heaven is testing my patience, the 'reliable' citylink bus got stuck in the traffic jam in C5 road and its almost 7pm! I convinced my officemates to just take a chance to the shuttle service and once there, the driver told us that he will pass by along Ortigas and Megamall. Hmmmm... i decided to just take the MRT ride going to Taft station. And the rest is history. I made it at 8:15pm and the show was about to start when we entered the hall.

What i love most in their show are the contortionist... these ladies are spectacular that they can replace 'lastikman' for being soooooo flexible.

I saw familiar and popular faces in the crowd. They said that Filipino artists such as Nonie Buencamino, Calvin Millado, and Frenchie Dy are there to grace the show of Wanders. The backup singers really sings good, it might be them.

Also, they said that Hotlegs, Whiplash and Manoeuvers, are the one grooving in the stage. Wow, I'm really proud of the filipino talents. The show is great!

The Chinese acrobats are also good, though they made some mistakes in the loop hole exhibition. It really happens.. nevertheless, they are superb.

I also like their Elvis Presley medley... but I'm torn between focusing my eyes on the stage and watching the real Elvis on their big screen.. hehehe...

We really had a great night. We walked our way to Danny's Grill near the Casino and had our late dinner before we headed home. My hubby said we can bring the children next time.. That will be good!

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1 shared their thoughts:

Blog2u said...

I saw this and your favourite, the contortionists, was my least, not because they were not good, but because I was in pain just watching them!!!

Altogether a great show.