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Wrap Up

Hayzz.. glad to know that its Friday again... I've been moody the whole week and its because of the weather and some unavoidable things that happened. We are both have colds and he's sad that he can't sing on the videoke. So for sure we will end up in the mall again.

But one thing I know, I need to relax and I'm going to Spa for a body massage tonight or tomorrow. And we will watch Mama Mia the movie, I've been waiting for this movie for weeks and now, i can finally see it. Me and hubby both love musicals and based from the trailer, It is sure a great movie to watch. aha! my weekend must be fun... enjoy....relax....happy!

My sister asked me to tutor my niece Aubrey in Math this weekend also...(ngeee! as if I'm really that good in mathematics!) well, hubby excels in that field, and that will be his forte, so i think I will just ask hubby to do us a favor.

I'll try to cook something different for lunch tomorrow. Beef stew? hmmm....

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1 shared their thoughts:

~ Mhay ~ said...

mukhang maganda nga yung movie..I also love musical e :D

happy Monday!