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A B-Day Special

It was my mother in-law and Aubrey’s birthday yesterday.  Nanay will start her senior citizen years and Aubrey is 10 years old now. Hubby rushed to the wet market with Nanay to bought the menu for the night.  Some of Nanay’s relative came that day and my family also came to celebrate with us.  Oh, I forgot to buy Aubrey’s gift but I promised I’ll make up with her this weekend.  But I ordered a banana cake to my office mate and gave her and Nanay each box.  It’s their favorite. 

I just wish them both happiness, good health and be very happy with their life. 

Nanay's bday cake from her niece and nephew.

Hubby and his dearest mom and the the 2 bday celebrators

Aubrey and her cute Tita (ehem...)

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