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A Heart Story

Our Heart's day night (February 14)

  1. Stroll around Mall of Asia.
  2. Ate dinner at Aristocrat Restaurant
  3. Bought VCD movies.
  4. Used my BDJ coupon for the first time at Coffee Bean ( buy 1 get free 1 on their Original Ice blended drinks)
  5. Listen to Bamboo, Rico Blanco and Pupil concert at the bay.
  6. Watched the movie, “Push” starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning.
  7. And exchange Valentines messages via text =) to each other.

I’m surprised with Aubrey, giving us her own hand made Valentine’s card with a touching messages inside and two plastic roses (for me and hubby) from her own allowance. I admit she and Vince are two sweet kids you’ll ever know.

I’ve done some ironing last night and what I got after was a painful back ache (I really hate that chores!) and though hubby already gave me a massage, I don’t want to finish some clothes I left behind. I think I need some magic here...

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