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This is it

My desktop PC broke down since last week, and my hubby suspect of a mother board failure.  That’s why I diverted in watching some endless US TV series we bought.  And since hubby usually take his work at home so he can go home early, I can hardly sneak on checking my emails and to blog at his laptop and because his we-roam is giving me an on and off connection.

My father in law’s kidney complications might send him again to hospital.  We feared that the results of his blood and urine test are not that favorable for him.  Hubby decided to transfer him to his doctor in Makati Medical Center since the facilities and the doctor’s expertise can give Tatay a better view on what’s really happening.  And that will be tomorrow because the results are due today. I know and we can see the signs.  All we can do now is pray and hope that the medicines can do miracles without admitting him to the hospital.  It’s different from the others.  I knew it well. Oh, I’m having a mixed emotion again (sad).

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2 shared their thoughts:

tony said...

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MiLeT said...

ang masasabi ko lang NAKUPO! sana naman kayanin ng gamot ng nde na sya napapaadmit. kawawa kau ni jhon.