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A Boyce Experience

What a blast!

That is how I describe the recent free concert we watched tonight. It the concert of Florida, US based band called Boyce Avenue at the Mall of Asia. We went there as early as 5:00pm but we spent time strolling around the bay before going to the concert venue, it is about 5:30pm when we decided to look for a best view near the stage. Hubby told me that I should buy their cd album so I can have the chance to meet and greet the band after their show. But I know it will be that late and I have to endure the long line so I said I can settle with just watching and recording the videos. Aubrey and Mico came with us and were glad that they love music as much as we do, so when we left them on the right side of the stage to buy some snacks; we knew that we were right we did that because when we came back, most of the people are already settling on that side.

I almost feel tired waiting for 7:00pm to come. Pyro show came first and when the time truly comes, Kyla grace the stage with 3 songs from her album, Heart to heart. But then I have to remind hubby to close his mouth while watching Kyla sing (ha-ha!) it his favorite singer and he looked like a guy seeing his crush after a long time (lol!) Finally, after almost forever in waiting, Alejandro, (the lead vocal) his 2 other brothers, Daniel and Fabian Manzano and the drummer Stephen Hatker went up the stage and gosh, I think my ear drum exploded from the scream and shout of mostly students at our back. But definitely, they are so gorgeous and strikingly appealing in person. And when they start to sing (all acoustics), I forgot that I am old to do that, but boy, I really scream and shout literally! Ha-ha! How can I help it, Daniel who’s near on our side, winked, wave, flying kiss, and smile on us every time we sing with them. They looked so yummy and nice and that’s deadly combination, right? lol!

They sing most of their songs in their album and some of their the YouTube hits like, Apologize, Umbrella, Bleeding love, Freshmen , With you, No one and Where is the love.

It really worth the waiting, we really enjoyed their concert and I’m so glad I came to watched them.
Since it’s past 9pm but the kids are hungry so we had a late night dinner in KKK.
And we bought a cake from Red Ribbon and a baked siti from Sbarro. It’s really a night to remember =)

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MiLeT said...

malamang yan ang pinatutugtog mo sa porkchop noh