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Happy =)

My hubby is known for being kind and generous man. When I just simply complained that I needed new sandals for office use, he asked me to look for it when we went to Landmark last Saturday. And lucky me, I did found yet another sandals with a big discount. But when we stroll around last night in Mall of Asia, he saw another sandals and he asked me that the color is cute and he wants me to try it on. I obliged never I thought that it will fit right through my foot and looks good too! He keep on urging me to get the sandals and he said it is also discounted and I can never find another one if I let it go. To cut the story short, I’ve got my 2nd shoes for the week and I am so happy =)

I never had a petish for shoes or sandals but I never say no if it pours right in front of me (lol!). I guess hubby is feeling the love in the air. I never ask for more this Valentine’s day. But.... how can i say no to the gifts? lol!

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