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The Young at Heart

I'm excited to see my friends again… not just friends – they are my high school buddies. Almost 4 years in secondary school, through thick and thin, we fight, made up, little jealousy, and most of all, we are just a chair away from each other in our class room, our surnames made us closer to one another.

When we enter college, well, that’s another story. But true friendship will never fade; it will always be there, binding our time, letting us to be what we wanted to be. And I can’t remember how we got to be together again. All I know is that we held our section reunion in the place of my friend, Emy. And shall we say the rest is history.

As Emy’s birthday is on Feb. 9, we decided we meet at our convenient time and date somewhere nears our place. We chat on YM to agree on the place and that will be at Shakey’s near SM Sucat. It would be also the time that Jheng, our other buddy who just came from US to visit her fiancé. We all want her pasalubong! Lol!

And I came on time (as always) last Friday. One by one, they show up and I’m kinda feeling ecstatic seeing the three of them. Time flies and I can never imagine that we will have this precious moments once more. So we chat, we laugh at our family stories, Jheng show her US trip pictures, Penny told us that she is 3 months pregnant (and that made me happy for her and sad for me and Emy) Anyways, we ordered lots of food and since Emy bring the car with her, we decided to stroll around Santana Grove along Sucat and I was amazed on how they really pose in the pictures and made funny faces and it really brings back the good old days. I really missed them. And we promised to see each other again sometime.

I can't find our graduation pictures in High school, so you would know the difference. But we all know that i guess - it how big we've grown. lol!

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1 shared their thoughts:

AiDiSan said...

bonding with old friends can really make you feel good and that's one thing I do to destress. we really need time for ourselves and go out with people other than member of the family.