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The past weekends drained most of my energy. I’ve been uneasy for the whole week because of my aching right back (just behind my shoulder) and the throbbing pain in my right chest. I have cough and it made me feel tired and the feeling is so irritating so I texted our favorite “manghihilot” or folk healer believing she can relieve the pain. But she is also sick for the whole week and I can only rely on my hubby’s healing touch =) And it was not until Sunday that she was able to visit us in the house and she told me cold muscles are all over my back. Until now, I feel so uneasy.

I was supposed to have a check-up on my OB-Gyne last Saturday but after almost half an hour waiting for the secretary to come back, she announces to their patients that the doctor is in the province and not coming until Tuesday! Grrrr, she didn’t bother to paste a note in the door that our doctor is out, what a waste of time.

What we do next is to go to Divisoria, I know it’s not the right day to go there but we did try and ride an FX taxi instead of taxi cab.  Good thing we did that because from Lawton going to Divisoria is a bumper to bumper traffic so we cut the trip straight there and follow my hubby’s Manila boy experience and take a Recto route =) instead and ride a jeepney again going to the place.  I have a time of my life getting all the cheap gift bags and little things for the kids and buying anything in the streets including Christmas decorations and throw pillow cases. The bad thing is we have to walk a long way around the area because the whole places are occupied by the street vendors making it hard to pass by. I beg my husband that we should eat at Mc Donalds first before we go home or I will pass out due to dehydration and wobbling feet (ha-ha!) Good thing we are able to take a taxi back home. But it was a nice trip. My hubby wants to go there again, and I can only say, ‘Not that soon!” =)

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