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My first cup cakes

I’ve found a way to bake last night. I’m not in a mood to move around the house because I’m feeling sick but the bananas I bought is over ripe now and it’s the main ingredients in my cup cakes. Now that I’m starting to feel how I expensive baking is. I know now the importance of complete ingredients to be able to cook delicious pastries, cakes or even bread or else, your products will all go to waste.

But I am starting to think if I'm destined to do well in this new craft. My finished product looks good and everyone here in the house told me it is really delicious. My hubby ate 3 cup cakes in one sitting and he said he will bring some to his office. I will try to bake other than my banana expertise and I hope I can find ways how to sell them out. For now, I will just let my family and some friends enjoy it.

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