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It's in the air

I can feel Christmas everywhere now.  And I already finished my job in decorating our house.  It’s been my duty to make our little home to feel and look like Christmas.  I checked first our old decors if it’s still reusable before I decided to buy their replacements.  So far so good on the lights and the balls but I bought a new garland for my wall decorations.  Good thing hubby helped me on the drilling issues.  I hate to hammer nails on the wall and ending up hurting my fingers.  

It is December next week and I have lots of occasions to attend to. Gosh, I’m so famous! Ha-ha-ha! We have an early company Christmas party on December 11, my sister and I are invited in the Nestle Club Christmas party on December 5 and at night, I need to attend a high school reunion in Blue Wave, Pasay.  On December 6, we will attend a baby christening and I still don’t know yet if there will be an out of the blue invitation.  One thing for sure, our weekend this Yuletide season will be the busiest one.

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