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Rainy Trick or Treat

I thought typhoon Santi will stop the entire trick or treat activities yesterday. It was my first time that I didn’t sleep because the massive winds and rains created a scary sound around our house in Laguna. You can feel that the storm is just beside your house, rattling the roofs and toppling the trees around.

But thank God that it was gone in the morning, though still raining, at least the hard winds stopped. The activities resumed that afternoon to the delight of the kids. My mom and my Aunt made their special “suman” for snacks and we did grilled tuna fish and pork for lunch.

It was Franzine first time to join the trick or treat in Laguna and she was so excited that she can’t sleep or eat the night before the activity. And she walked all the way from house to house shouting “trick or treat!” and jumping around while singing some songs. Vince and Mico came with her and though the organizers told us that we can continue doing it at the club house because it started to rain again, the kids wanted to walk around by themselves, we just followed them with the car in tow (just in case).

Here are some of the photos from the event and typhoon Santi in action =)

while waiting for the rain to subside

the treat trickers!

franzine pose with her fairy dress (look at the fallen trees at her back ground!)

nothing can stop them getting the candies =)

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