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The feeling of Christmas

I’ve been very busy every weekend. Hubby rearranged our living room and I’m the one who decorated the whole first floor of our house and it looks like and smell like Christmas now. Every year, I will just stare on our living room and think of a new style for our reused decors. And I’m glad that I still have this creativity in me. It was tiring going up and down while decorating but the result is a fulfilling. I can never imagine Christmas without it.

I already completed the gifts for our godchildren and all is left is for the adults. I hope we can do the shopping before December because I don’t want to be in the lists of those having a Christmas rush. I experienced it once and it will never happen again, it made me sick for one week!

And while we can now feel some cold breeze in the air, common sickness will follow. As of now, I have tonsillitis that really makes me cry especially when I swallow. And the fact that my monthly period is coming, my whole body are aching. I really hate it. I wish I can sleep this pain away.

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