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Hard habit to break

I thought I passed over on my Pinoy Big Brother addiction, but I was wrong.  This season of PBB made me relieved all the memories from the past like going to the PBB hall during live eviction night, meet-ups with fellow online friends, and my very first time going to the PBB big night at Araneta Coliseum to support season 2 housemate, Mickey Perz.  It was such a wonderful experience that I got to be with his family and friends and all this wonderful friends whom I only knew from their usernames in a site or forum where you can support your favorite housemates.  And even after PBB was over, we sometimes meet in one place near ABS-CBN compound, and talked about anything about us and Mickey ( sometimes he drops by to have some chit-chats with us) Though all this, hubby supported me all the way.  And I can say that I’m so lucky to have an understanding husband you can ever wish for.


Now, he’s not even surprised seeing me on my late night habit of going to the 24/7 live stream site just to get a first hand info's on my favorite housemates.  He said because of this I limit my time attending to my games at Face book (ha-ha!) but increase my time in front of the computer.  I still have few months to go on like this but I never forget my other obligations at home, or else, hubby will sell all my farms (in face book) and cut my live stream watching =)

So, who will be my bet for Big 4? 

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