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Menthos Style

Before I leave the house for work I’ve been eyeing my new slipper to bring with me since the weather bureau said that it would be a rainy afternoon today. But I changed my mind and instead wear my black heeled sandals. To spare me from beating the 8:30am time because of the jeepney’s waiting to fill up before moving on, I decided to just cross the street and move to the other side where jeepney’s will just pick you up then proceed.

So I already crossed the other street when I felt that my left sandals loosen up, I stop and I thought “oh my goodness, it did snap apart!” What an embarrassing moment! I scanned the area and I knew some people notice that something 's wrong with my footwear. But I did what I need to do, I picked up my broken sandals, walked barefooted (but with my right sandals on) and careful not to let them notice I’m limping ( just like in a candy commercial) but I was scared that I will step on some broken glass. I immediately called our office and asked my colleague to ask for one of our couriers to pick me up because there is no way I can ride the jeepney with my situation. I wouldn’t dare and I will never ever try. Good thing after few minutes my rescue came and he is really laughing seeing me holding my other sandals.

I was so irritated knowing that I have lots of shoes and it happened to me. I should really rely on my instincts, if I bring those slippers with me, all is well and good despite on that unfortunate events. Charge it again to another experience. Good thing it’s Friday and I can only think of nice weekends ahead.

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