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A Blessed Day

It was a blessed Friday for us in our company. They decided to give their regular employees a big time bonus for a job well done last year. And I must say that I can only see happy faces everywhere I go in our premises. And all are eyeing for a nice treats to themselves and for their families.

I called my eldest sister to pick me up in the office. My Mom, Aubrey and my sister came and treated them at the dinner and their groceries for a week. I gave Mom and Papa something for them to spend. I asked hubby what he wants when we went to Mall of Asia after work, but I know he’s tired, he said he will think it over. But I bought for myself instead, a nice pair of rubber shoes/sneakers and a dress at Bench boutique (ha-ha). We waited for the 50% off in French Baker but I must say that their bread is getting expensive everyday, whew!

Tomorrow, I will tell my mother in-law that I will treat them to her favorite John Lloyd Cruz-Bea Alonzo movie. She can watch it with our house help because I will attend Cathy’s get together tomorrow afternoon.

This is indeed TGIF! Thank, God for the blessings =)

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