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Spare Time

I took a 2-day leave at work and this is what I did on my extra time.  I cooked lumpiang togue (which consists of a togue veggies, cabbage, carrots and small shrimps). It is hubby's favorite and he asked me cooked it for him. The special spicy vinegar we bought in Tapa King restaurant was a perfect partner for this all time food.

I also baked banana-cheese cupcakes and I bought some to my officemates.  I am baking this recipe from time to time to master the recipe so I can sell them in time of the Yuletide Season.  It was raining and super typhoon devastated the northern part of the country and it spared Metro Manila this time, but staying at home just relaxing and resting brings back my energy, in time for more work ahead when I go back to the office.

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