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Christmas Foods

It feels so different in the local wet market I used to pass by on my way home from the office. It’s like the ordinary day and everything is bright with the different kinds of Christmas decors on sale and some merchandisers are extending their store hours this month.

I can't help but to looked around until I came across to this native snacks that I only got to buy and eat during the evening mass at the start of the feast of nativity because it is most visible when Christmas is nearing. It’s called puto bumbong or purple glutinous rice steamed in bamboo canon. I love it with lots of margarine or butter with coconut and muscovado sugar. I immediately bought 2 servings (wrapped in banana leaves) and I happily told my hubby that I found what I been looking for. He then remembered my promise that I will make a homemade bibingka (rice flour cake) but I keep on forgetting it. Ha-ha! I still didn’t find time to buy my baking needs because I would like to bake some goodies as gifts to my friends. I wish I can have enough vacation leave to do that but I only got 2 and I’ll use that before Christmas.
It will be more fun if I can find more time cooking this delicious delicacy.
puto bumbong - yummy! :)

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