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Parts Center Event

I thought our Christmas celebration of our project/department in the office will not push through after what happened in our group during the last quarter of the year. But all well ends well and we decided to put aside all the differences and make amends. We did some personal contributions for the foods and had our funniest exchange gift where you have to describe your baby before you give your gift to her/him. We were all excited to see the looks on their face because we let them wear what they’ve got. It was all fun! I received what I asked for in my wish gift which is some baby product for Nathan. I got a cute pair of jump suit for Nathan.

our exchange gifts

our team!

chow time!

We served the foods at lunch and I’m glad that everybody was full and we really had fun and there were few left over (especially the rice) unlike last year. Merry Christmas, office mates! :)

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