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Avoiding Penalties

This month is tax paying time again and my company is in a hurry to finish all the transactions and close the company book.  Maybe that’s the main reason why we have an internal email from the management asking for an overtime work just to finish the job.  I know it’s a lot of work for some who will fail to file their taxes on time. What will happen if you can’t have any extensions to do that?  I have the same problem with that before and good thing I had my 2009 tax extension form.  I was so worried that time about getting penalties but that’s the only thing I did and my problem was solved.


At first I thought I will have a hard time doing that but a friend showed me the step by step guide in filing our tax extension.  From the forms you will need, to how to file and what to expect, I’m so happy that it was the easiest thing to do with the very detailed and precise guide, it saves my time and will surely spare me from the costly penalty.  I’m spreading the good news to my colleague so they don’t need to worry on their tax extensions.

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