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Happy Birthday, hubby!

I surprised hubby with a birthday cake that I hide very well in a cabinet after he sent me a text that he’s coming home.  I intend to show it to him when the clock strikes 12mn.  The oldies can’t wait for it anymore so I asked Mico (his nephew) to entertain his Tito Jhon in the room while I asked hubby if he wants coffee which he said yes. So I prepared the cake and wait for the time before I called them out down stairs.


Hubby was surprised he never saw the cake box and I told him I’m good in hiding.  We sing a happy birthday song and he blew the candle.  And we ate the cake away, what a midnight snack!

Happy, happy birthday hubby! You know how much we love you and we will be forever grateful on your kindness. I wish you all the love and happiness in this world.  I love you, haney! 

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